Crown College Degrees for Online MTS Graduates

As long as online missionary training school students attend all classes, complete all coursework, pass all tests, and do their ministry hours, they will be granted 30 units of college credit ($13,800 value) from Crown College towards the completion of associate and bachelor degree programs at no cost!


Specified courses completed by GFM students up to a maximum of 80 credits will be accepted by Crown for transfer credit into one of its accredited online degree programs in accordance with the degree program requirements of the catalog in which the student begins enrollment at Crown College and in accordance with the course listing provided on Schedule A.

The remaining credit hours required for the degree are to be earned through the completion of online courses listed in the Crown College Catalog for the specific degree pursued. Undergraduate students must complete 30 of the last 60 credits through Crown including a minimum of 50% of the major core. Students who complete all degree requirements as described in the Crown College Catalog will be awarded the earned degree by Crown.

Application / Degree Process

Upon completion of GFM’s online MTS program, students must go through the Crown institutional application process for the degree program they select. Requirements include completing all forms and presenting all related evidentiary documentation including official transcripts

In order to receive transfer credit from Crown pursuant to this Agreement, students must request an official transcript to be sent to Crown from GFM. If the student has taken post-secondary courses from other institutions, an official transcript from those institutions is required.


For courses taken through GFM, GFM will charge, collect, and retain its standard tuition rate, as may be adjusted from time to time, for students who matriculate into the Crown degree program.

For courses taken through Crown, Crown will charge, collect, and retain its standard tuition rate, as may be adjusted from time to time, for all certificate, undergraduate degree students who transfer from the GFM program into a Crown program.