Program Costs

We have done everything possible to make this online missionary training school as affordable. Some of the materials that have been developed for this course have been generously donated by wonderful authors, speakers, and publishers knowing that this program is specifically designed to raise up missionaries that are going to be serving among unreached people groups. The little bit that we do charge is to help cover the overhead for promotion, the server for hosting the website, software, royalties, and continued development of the program.

There is a one-time $25 non-refundable application fee for students planning on going through the entire online missionary training school program for either a certificate or a degree.

Missionary Training School Tuition

  • $60/module for Certificate or Non-degree students OR $1000 if paid in full ($140 discount)
  • $120/module for Certificate and an Associate Degree with CTS OR $2000 if paid in full ($280 discount)
  • $180/module for Certificate and a Bachelors’ Degree with CTS OR $3000 if paid in full ($420 discount)
  • $240/module for Certificate and a Masters’ Degree with CTS OR $4000 if paid in full ($560 discount)
  • $300/module for Certificate and a Doctorate Degree with CTS OR $5000 if paid in full ($700 discount)

*The tuition costs for associates, bachelors, masters’ and doctorate degrees DOES include cost for diploma from Covenant Theological Seminary. The credit transfer fee will be paid by GFM to CTS upon completion of the program: Associate: $150.00, Bachelor: $200.00, Master: $350.00, Doctorate: $450.00.

For students from non-Western countries only, the cost for the course is $15/module OR $200 if paid in full ($85 discount) for both certificate and degree students. There is an additional credit transfer fee to be paid directly to CTS upon completion of the program if seeking a degree: Associate: $75.00, Bachelor: $100.00, Master: $175.00, Doctorate: $225.00.

Payment Structure

Students can pay per module as they go or pay for the entire program at once to receive a discount (see prices above). Students wanting to just take individual modules without going through the entire program are welcome to do so for the certificate only price of $60/module. Immediately upon making a payment, students will be sent an enrollment key which will unlock the correct modules in the Moodle online learning management system.


Students are responsible to acquire all books necessary to complete this course. All books are available for purchase in both print and digital format. Students are encouraged to access books where available at local and church libraries. The approximate cost for books is about $12 per module or $225 for the entire course. Once you enroll in a module, you will have access to the syllabus and can order all of your own books online using the included links.

Financial Policies

All prices are subject to change. If prices go up during the course of your studies, you will need to pay the new tuition prices unless you paid in full up front. All sales are final and there are no refunds.