Program Options and Costs

Experience our Full Course options designed to prepare you for cross-cultural ministry.

Our full course program options include 20 modules designed to provide holistic (“head, heart, and hands”) preparation for cross-cultural ministry. Students work at their own pace and are encouraged to work through each module in sequential order. You will also be assigned a facilitator who will provide coaching and feedback via email and Zoom. U.S. citizens who complete the entire program can also earn college credit through one of our partner organizations

Students can pay per module or receive a discounted rate for paying their total tuition upfront. In addition to tution, students are responsible to acquire all books necessary to complete this course. All books are available for purchase in both print and digital format (Amazon kindle) and are $225 USD total.

GFM Certificate of Training

The online Missionary Training School certificate of training program is for those students who want to take the course and get coaching from a facilitator along the way. Students will receive a certificate of training and transcripts from Global Frontier Missions that may be helpful when working with churches, non-profit organizations, missions agencies, etc.

Cost Per Module: $60

Total Tuition: $1000 

Global South Certificate of Training

The Global South Certificate of Training program is a special designated program for those who live in nonwestern countries who desire missionary training. The price for this program already includes a deeply discounted tuition rate as we don’t want economics or location to keep people from all over world from getting the resources and training they need to live on mission with Christ among the unreached.

Cost Per Module: $15

Total Tuition: $200

Global Frontier Missions offers select scholarships for Global South Certificate of Training students.

College Credit or Degree

The college credit or degree program is for U.S. citizens that are interested in having their credits from the course transfer to one of our partner organizations towards their certificates and degrees. Rates vary according to degree path: Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate.

Associates: $130 per module / $2000 entire program

Bachelors: $180 per module / $3000 entire program

Masters: $240 per module / $4000 entire program

Doctorate: $300 per module / $5000 entire program

Start with our FREE Module before you fill out an application or pay anything!

Self-Study Option

The online MTS self-study option is for those students that want to access our resources, content, and curriculum to use the material for their own personal growth. The self-study option is very hands off and doesn’t include a facilitator, people reviewing your assignments, or a certificate. This is our most cost effective option, but offers no interaction with GFM staff, facilitators, and mentors. This option is basically purchasing access to the content of a module for a period of 180 days.

Cost Per Module: $30

Additional Information

We have done everything possible to make online Missionary Training School affordable and to keep students from accruing debt before heading to the mission field. Some of the materials that have been developed for this course have been generously donated by wonderful authors, speakers, and publishers knowing that this program is specifically designed to raise up missionaries that are going to be serving among unreached people groups. 

  • There is a one-time $25 non-refundable application fee for students planning on going through the entire online missionary training school program for either a certificate or a degree. No application is needed for students that are just taking one or more modules “a la carte.”
  • There are 4 elective modules that can be taken in addition to the 20 module curriculum.
  • All prices are subject to change. All sales are final and there are no refunds.