Great Commission Foundations

August 2021

This August, join an online group of like-minded believers from around the globe examining the biblical basis of missions, missions history, and the state of the world in light of God's heart for the nations!

In this module, renowned teachers John Piper, J.D. Greear, and David Platt challenge us to rethink our identity, involvement, and opportunities related to world missions. Students will also be introduced to Global Frontier Missions’ vision and values.

GFM's online MTS may be different from other online training you have experienced; it is more devotional and focused on giving practical ministry skills and tools that can be immediately used and applied rather than being heavily academic in nature.

This online MTS module is comprised of approximately 6 hours of instructional videos, readings, Bible studies, and book assignments that will need to be completed each week from August 4 – Sept 1. So, students will need to keep up with daily and weekly assignments, posts, etc. for the entire month An additional 12 hours of practical ministry hours are required in your location to put into practice what you are learning throughout the module. 

Finally, you will not be alone! You will be interacting with other students from around the world concerning the material you are learning. You will also have a Facilitator that will review your work, help guide discussions, and assist you through your studies. Mrs. Sue Hammack, a long-serving missionary in West Africa, will lead the cohort sharing from her decades of experience on the field. 

Book Assignments:

To be eligible to join the August 2021 online cohort for this FREE module, you must first purchase Across the Street and Around the World by Jeannie Marie (either hard-copy or Kindle e-version) and answer the 100 multiple-choice questions about the book prior to August 5. Please DO NOT enroll yourselves in the free online MTS module. Contact us below and we will manually enroll you in our August Cohort.

To learn more and register, contact us!