Ministry Philosophy

Research shows that people that get equipped properly for missions have a much greater success rate on the mission field and last much longer than those that do not take the time to get properly trained. is completely dedicated to providing the necessary knowledge, skills, character, and resources for each student to go out and be a healthy cross-cultural servant.

Doing missionary training online has its limitations. We actually believe that the best way to get trained for ministry is in the context of a team or community and getting on-the-job ministry training. This is why the Global Frontier Missions intensive five month missionary training school in Atlanta, GA or Richmond,VA is our preferred method of equipping cross-cultural laborers. However, we understand that not everyone can drop everything to come to these cities to get equipped, which is why we have made our training available online.

Global Frontier Missions (GFM) has always taken a holistic approach to raising up laborers as we focus on the head (Bible knowledge, missiology), heart (character, spiritual formation), and the hands (cross-cultural skills, on-the-job training). We feel like the best way to grow in the heart area is through life-on-life discipleship and living in community while the best way to grow in the hands area is to actually do cross-cultural ministry while being mentored.

The online missionary training school does an excellent job of hitting the head area and lays a great foundation for missions work overseas. Some of the modules even focus specifically on the spiritual health and growth of the missionary as well as skills like language learning, acculturation, and storytelling. We encourage our students to seek out opportunities to minister to those around them, especially from other cultures if possible.